Military Preparation

Military Prep

One of our specialty classes at Bear Pit is our Military Preparation Program. This program is customized for each future hero's fitness needs to make the transition to boot camp as smooth as possible.

Having served as a Marine in Desert Storm and Somalia, Coach knows the skills needed to make it to and through Military boot camp. Coach created this program to get his son Tony ready for Army boot camp. The skills Tony gained through Coach's help were a major asset to his survival. As an added bonus, Tony's mother was at ease knowing he was prepared for military lifestyle.

By the time you leave for Military boot camp, The Bear Pit will have you physically and mentally prepared. Whether you have three weeks or six months, take advantage of this unique program—trust us, you'll thank yourself later!


  • Physical Fitness Training
  • I.S.T. Preparation
  • Mental Preparation
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Military History Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Drill Skills


  • Anyone preparing for the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or National Guard.
  • Those needing to gain or lose weight for military weight requirements.
  • Those struggling to make I.S.T. requirements.
  • Those enrolled in ROTC Those not receiving emotional support from family.
  • Anyone wanting team and leadership skills.
  • Anyone waiting to be hired on with a fire department or law enforcement agency.
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