Bear Pit Membership


MEMBERSHIP - Please contact us for the latest pricing on the membership packages below.

Transformation Membership 1

This plan has no term and may be canceled at any time.

Transformation Membership 2

Our Most Popular Plan - This plan is a one year term for those committed to continued health and fitness. Also comes with the "fit for life" guarantee*.

Transformation Membership 3

Referral Rewards Program- This plan allows you the opportunity to save $20.00/mo by visting Our Facebook Page (before or after your workouts) and posting what you liked best about the workout. You may also bring in one person a month to TRY a FREE workout with you ( no obligation). Also comes with the "fit for life" guarantee*.

MMA Membership

Submission wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Greco Roman Wrestling

Pre-Military Membership

For those going in to any branch of the service and want to be fit, educated and ready to make it through bootcamp.

Military: Active Membership

ALL ACTIVE SERVICE MEN and WOMEN - All branches of the Military, Fire Dept, Police Dept that are active duty.

Kids MMA Membership

KIDS MMA for ages 5-14

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  • Bear Pit Fitness

    Fitness: Get in shape and stay that way.

  • Bear Pit MMA Training

    MMA: Train with the best.

  • Bear Pit Kids

    Bear Pit Kids: Training the future and having fun.

  • God Bless Our Troups

    Military: Training for our Armed Forces.