About Us

About Us

We started our Mixed Martial Arts Training Center with the focus on "the sport of MMA" for ages as young as 5 years old up to adults. We found a lot of interest in the SPORT, but a lot of people were intimidated and saw it as violent. There are those that attended other facilities only to be used as "human punching bags", after they paid large membership fees. Our goal is to combine fun, technique and knowledge with a new found love for the sport.

The Bear Pit is all about building confidence, self esteem and helping each individual achieve their goals whether they are big or small. Everyone has their own personal power and we strive to bring out that power.

Even the name The Bear Pit has special meaning. When Travis was in the Marine Corps, he had a place to go where Marines could solve problems and get their frustrations out. It was called the "Battalion Bear Pit", where problems went in, but they didn't come out. What ever the issue between Marines was, it was over when you left and everyone learned from it. So it seemed appropriate to use that same concept. We want everyone to have a place to learn and grow and relieve frustrations in a controlled environment.



Travis Torres, Head coach for the Bear Pit

  • Strength and conditioning coach for the Bear Pit submission wrestling/greco/fighting coach for the Bear Pit Transformation Training instructor
  • Wrestled since age of 4
  • Martial Arts training since age of 6
  • Studied several different styes of martal arts
  • At age of 8 started boxing
  • 4 years high school wrestling
  • 6 years in the marine corps. combat veteran from desert storm and somalia
  • Physical training instructor for marine unit
  • Retired peace officer
  • 6 years wrestling coach at canyon high school
  • Highly motivational/strives for you to achieve your goals
  • Excellent with all ages and genders
  • Kids respond exceptionally well to his method of teaching/training
  • Provides pre -military physical and combat training
  • Provides pre -fire physical training
  • Provides pre -police physical training

Additional Bear Pit team members - Coming soon

  • Bear Pit Fitness

    Fitness: Get in shape and stay that way.

  • Bear Pit MMA Training

    MMA: Train with the best.

  • Bear Pit Kids

    Bear Pit Kids: Training the future and having fun.

  • God Bless Our Troups

    Military: Training for our Armed Forces.